Silverstein Properties shapes the future of how we work, live and play. Through exceptional spaces, service, hospitality, amenities, and technology, we create value beyond real estate.


12 Service Values

  1. I am proud to belong to an iconic real estate, management and development company that has transformed skylines and enhanced neighborhoods for over sixty years.
  2. I am inspired to work with people that foster strong relationships, believe in technology, instill hospitality, and build communities.
  3. I am committed to the company’s values, business and strategic goals.
  4. I am proud to belong to a company with a diverse culture where every voice is heard.
  5. I believe in the necessity of change in an ever-evolving business environment.
  6. I believe open communication sets us up for success, both internally and externally.
  7. I appreciate being part of a culture that recognizes learning and enables growth.
  8. I am encouraged to become an expert in everything I do, and empowered to find innovative solutions to every challenge that comes my way.
  9. I believe that the security and safety of my customers, colleagues and myself come first.
  10. I belong to a team that prioritizes sustainability, the environment around us, and is committed to a better future.
  11. I find joy in contributing to my community.
  12. I am only as good as my team and find happiness in recognizing and supporting the people around me. 


6 Company Values


Our company was founded in 1957 by Larry Silverstein, a visionary real estate entrepreneur from a humble upbringing. Our values reflect his integrity, energy, excellence, loyalty, perseverance and boundless optimism. Our glass is always half full: We believe that a positive attitude leads to positive results.



We are recognized worldwide for the wonderful professionals who work here, as well as our history of excellent business practices and execution. We expect our people (employees, stakeholders, vendors, partners) to maintain high ethical standards, and we trust them to always do the right thing. Our reputation took a lifetime to build, and we protect it with a passion.



At our core, we are a family company guided by family values, and our employees are part of our extended family. We provide our employees with a healthy and rewarding work environment that supports the other parts of their lives, and we know that maintaining a work-life balance requires understanding and flexibility.


Our people

Our people are our most important asset. We are committed to creating the optimal environment for our employees, so they can thrive both personally and professionally. We seek people who are committed to finding innovative ways to make a meaningful impact on our business and our community, and to developing a sustainable future.


Our customers

We provide exceptional levels of hospitality and service to all our customers on a daily basis. Through customized, outstanding support, and memorable experiences for everyone in our orbit, we are best equipped to attract and retain tenants, residents, vendors and employees across our entire portfolio and organization.



We believe we should reflect the constituencies we serve. Diversity brings better perspective, creativity, and solutions. We embrace our differences, and cultivate a culture of inclusivity, transparency, and respect. We strive to provide a collaborative, creative environment where each person feels encouraged to contribute to our processes, decisions, planning and culture.



We are committed to creating a sustainable future for our planet and its people. We believe that integrating sustainability and resiliency into our portfolio creates value for our clients and will benefit future generations. Our approach is focused on integrating environmental measures at all phases of our business, from preā€development to operations.



“People are my purpose. The highest form of wisdom has nothing to do with making money but making the world better through simple daily acts of kindness.” Lisa Silverstein


A Source of Inspiration

The Survivor Tree at the World Trade Center embodies the spirit and values of the Silverstein family. It survived the September 11th attacks, and despite being severely burned and damaged, over time the tree grew new, smooth branches. The tree stands as a living reminder of resilience, survival, and rebirth. Its branches represent growth, wisdom, and respect.


About Us

We own and operate first-class buildings with a stable roster of commercial, residential and retail tenants. We believe that if we take care of our tenants and our buildings, they will take care of us. Our operations, engineering, maintenance and cleaning staff pride themselves on keeping our buildings safe, impeccably clean, well maintained and in perfect order.

We are an active and diversified real estate investment and development firm. Over the past 10 years, we have added asset manager, fund manager, lender, and fee developer to our more traditional roles as equity developer, owner and operator. These lines of business generate strong returns and reliable income streams, which further enable us to execute on our long-term growth strategy.

Our projects are key to attracting and keeping our best people. We work hard to ensure that our existing portfolio remains healthy, and make sure our current projects are brought to a successful conclusion.