3 WTC Sustainability


3 WTC is designed to the highest energy efficiency ratings, and has achieved LEED Gold Certification by the U.S. Green Building Council. These innovations mean cost savings for tenants and a healthier, more productive workplace.

Taking the LEED in Green Design

  • Full-height, insulated windows reduce the need for artificial lighting and air-conditioning.
  • Fuel cells generate electricity within the building and reduce emissions
  • 50% of the building’s wood was sustainably harvested
  • No ozone-depleting refrigerants are used, and all cleaning products are green
  • 20% of the building’s materials are local, coming from within 500 miles
  • Preferred parking program for fuel-efficient vehicles

Benefits Include

  • Cleaner Air
  • Increased Natural Light
  • Reduced Electricity & Water Usage

Sustainability Activities

  • 100% of building power comes from renewable sources including wind, solar and hydroelectric
  • 12% less electricity usage than a conventional office building because of high-performance elevators, heating and cooling systems
  • 30% less water usage, thanks to rain water collection and low-flow fixtures